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Former province of Toro

The province of Zamora dated 1833, were previously divided differently and Toro had his own province to be so extensive that was divided into three judicial districts.

This document will teach you as it was the province of Toro in its entirety with the maps of the three parties:

• Partido de Toro (1784)

Connecting with the people of Zamora, were already in the province of Toro from Fresno de la Ribera, Monte de la Reyna, Peleagonzalo, Toro, no. Tagarabuena and reaches Almaraz (Villardefrades change in the mark in the Valladolid province) to S Guarea along the river near the province of Salamanca is Canizales, but following from the town of Toro Vega appear eastward, and Villaveza S . Romn de Hornija, no. Duero and change south of the Duero to the east put Requejo, Soto of Guarea, Barrows, Villafranca. Chickens and places it in Valladolid.

• Partido de Carrión (1785)

It borders the provinces of Leon and Palencia

• Partido de Reynosa (1785)

Understands their fraternities, the Royal Vanderedile Valley (bordering the province of Palencia and Cabuerniga, Ygua villas Pas, Merindad of VALDEPORRES, Santos Merindad Cave and Valley Manzanedo)

Note: The maps were made by Thomas Lopez from the Royal Geographical Society of Madrid.

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